Consumer and User Association (OCU) highlights a Mercadona deodorant as the best distribution brand in Spain

An independent analysis by the OCU highlights the Aloe deodorant we produce as “a very high-quality product”.

We are experts in manufacturing high-quality deodorants and consumers endorse our work.

The unisex Aloe roll-on that we produce has been chosen by the OCU as the best distribution brand in Spain for being “a very good quality product”.

Behind this successful product there is a team of more than 50 professionals in R&D, specialised in the development of any type of formula, which ensures the highest quality standards through detailed and effective analyses.

Our experts work daily to improve all our references and make them more efficient, innovative, and competitive.

Laboratorios Maverick has extensive experience in the production of different formats of deodorants and provides the guarantee that the final product meets consumer expectations.

In our laboratories we have the capacity to develop antiperspirant and deodorant formulas, which limit bacterial proliferation, eliminating the bad odor.

We use the best ingredients and the most advanced technologies to guarantee the products exactly as our customers imagine them.

We have various options depending on the solution to be pursued, such as invisible technology or maximum protection against sweat, products with extra care or sensoriality, among many other options.

Thus, we offer the solution that best suits the needs of each client. Therefore, we can define the product from scratch and develop it from start to finish, or intervene in the manufacturing and / or packaging process.

We are, above all, a flexible company, which has the most advanced technology to make any project come true.

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