Grupo Ubesol has transformed by intensifying its production rate to be able to meet the market demands during the covid-19 crisis.

The company has joined the #ESTONOTIENEQUEPARAR (#THISNEEDNOTSTOP) platform, joining forces with more than 3000 companies to emphasise the efforts which have been made by the workers

Thanks to its more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing personal care and household cleaning products, Grupo Ubesol has been able to quickly and effectively adapt to this situation and meet the considerable demands for its products.

After almost two months of lockdown, and with the de-escalation process now underway, Grupo Ubesol’s production rates remain high given the great demand for personal hygiene and disinfecting products which it has experienced since the Covid-19 health crisis began in our country.

To be able to deal with this situation, Grupo Ubesol has added extra shifts and has reinforced its workforce by taking on approximately 30 new members of staff. However, thanks to the company’s extensive expertise, its team of professionals, its installations and its large productive capacity, it has been able to react quickly and adapt to the situation. The company has been able to adapt to these circumstances thanks to its 40 years of experience in the sector and its Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which focuses on the continuous improvement and optimisation of the production system.

The increase in production has focused, above all, on specific personal care and household cleaning products. The company has also adapted its production lines, and has included new essential products (which they are specialist producers of) in their portfolio.

Grupo Ubesol has adapted its installations, productions and manufacturing processes to be able to work at a dizzying rate in order to ensure the provision of hygiene and cleaning products in all homes, while also guaranteeing that it complies with the relevant safety measures. For this purpose, each of the companies that form this Group (Ubesol and Laboratorios Maverick) has set up Covid-19 Management Commission, which is comprised of the corresponding departments. These commissions have drawn up the corresponding Internal Action Protocols, enabling them to respond to the different instructions that come from the competent Administration. As well as ensuring the widespread usage of masks by allocating these on a regular and systematic basis, hydroalcoholic gels are also available for the workers in all of the common areas in the production plants and offices.

Since the beginning of this crisis, Grupo Ubesol has been contributed to different altruistic initiatives, collaborating with healthcare bodies, such as the IFEMA and La Fe Valencia field hospitals, care homes, fire brigades, law enforcement agencies and the city councils in the areas where its work centres are located.

The contribution to the social good, quality, innovation and improvement form part of the company’s DNA, and its main objective is to strive for excellence in each and every one of its products, ensuring the well-being of its consumers, by providing the best quality products at the best possible price.

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