Laboratorios Maverick presents a plan to continue reducing its CO2 emissions in 2021

The company places sustainability at the centre of its business culture

Laboratorios Maverick has verified and registered the calculation of its carbon footprint, in relation to energy consumption, mobility, and waste generation and has presented a plan to reduce CO2 emissions in 2021, in line with its objective of promoting sustainable development.

With this action, it has achieved the Official Seal issued by the OECC, which endorses the plan designed to reduce the environmental impact of its business activity.

The carbon footprint reflects the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by the direct effect of individuals, the organization, events or products.

In the last year, Maverick Laboratories has developed, for the first time, aerosols with a new propellant to improve the carbon footprint. In addition, 100% of the electricity consumed in its facilities comes from renewable energy sources free of CO2 emissions.

Placing sustainability at the center is an issue that Laboratorios Maverick has been working on for a long time to not only manufacture natural products but also establish this vision as the backbone of its corporate culture. Thus, sustainability encompasses increasingly broad areas such as social action, to achieve a true balance between economic growth, social welfare, and care for the planet.

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